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Meet the Teachers

  • sunzhijun

    Master Sun Zhi Jun

    Ba Gua Zhang Internal Arts

    Sun Zhi jun (孙志君) is the 4th generation representative of Ba Gua Zhang. He received the Chinese National Cultural Heritage Award in 2012 and is offici ...

  • sunxuemin

    Dr. Shi Xue Min

    Classical Acupuncture

    Professor Shi Xue Min (石学敏) was born June 6, 1938 in Tianjin, China. He graduated from Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in 196 ...

  • 10153164_949940168352915_7493787572561665545_n

    Dr. Suzanne Robidoux

    Classical Acupuncture

    Dr. Suzanne Robidoux (苏珊/苏璇) has now been living in China and Taiwan for the last 13 years studying with various masters with a focus on classics and ...

  • 冯老师照片

    Dr. Feng Shi lun

    Classical Formula - Jing Fang

    Dr. Feng Shi Lun (冯世纶), is a chief physician at the Ministry of Health Sino-Japan Friendship Hospital in Beijing and the founder and president of the ...

  • ZhongDaoSong

    Master Zhong Dao song

    Health Cultivation

    Master Zhong Dao song (钟道松) entered the daoist temple life when he was 4 years old since his family could not raise so many children. As a child in th ...

  • Tao Kun intro

    Dr. Tao Kun

    Classical Acupuncture

    Dr. Tao Kun (陶昆) is one of a famous Chinese medical clinician and international speaker of Nanjing. Dr. Tao grew up in a family of Chinese medicine wh ...

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