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Six Syndrome Guide to Classical Formulas



Benefit from this pre-order discount on the English premier of the 6 Syndrome classification of Zhang Zhong jing’s classical formulas according to the Hu Xi shu lineage. Notice that the delivery of your book will be in November 2018.


This classical herbal textbook brings you the teachings of Zhang Zhong jing and Shen Nong through the understanding and lineage of Dr. Hu Xi shu (胡希恕). Dr. Hu Xi shu (1898-1984) received the teachings of the Shang Han Za Bing Lun from the eunuch Wang Xiang wei (王祥微) early in his life. He spent his lifetime practicing and researching the true meaning of the works of Zhang Zhong jing. His clinical success was praised by all his peers and he is still venerated for his outstanding results.


To revive the understanding of the Six Syndrome Diagnostic System, we have clearly illustrated the complete application of this system. We start from the classical symptomology and syndrome diagnosis to formula differentiation and modifications. To reach the successful application of Zhang Zhong jing’s classical formulas, we have:


• Described the full symptomology of the Six Syndrome Diagnostic System
• Compiled the 44 treatment guidelines of this classical system
• Classified over 240 classical formula patterns with original and modern dosages
• Transcribed and explained over 280 significant clauses from the Shang Han Lun and Jin Gui Yao Lue
• Listed the classical descriptions of over 180 single herbs from the Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing
• Analyzed over 180 related cases from Dr. Hu Xi shu as well as recent cases from both authors


All practitioners interested in exceptional clinical results, while using smaller herbal formulas, will benefit from the teachings of Dr. Hu Xi shu transmitted within the Six Syndrome Guide to Classical Formulas.

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Hard cover, 828


Feng Shi lun, Suzanne Robidoux



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Feng Shi lun; Suzanne Robidoux


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