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  • Formulas Used in China for the Viral Pneumonia

    Classical Formula - Jing Fang

    Here are some helpful formulas for viral pneumonia used in China with modifications with some suggestions of substitutes for important medicinals.     Jing Fang Pathomechanism and Formulas Used in China for the Viral Pneumonia (English)   Jing Fang Herb Substitution Chart(Eng ...more »

  • Jing Fang Treatment done in China for the Viral Pneumonia

    Classical Formula - Jing Fang

    Treatment of COVID-19 Pneumonia According to Jing Fang done in China from January to April 2020 Compilation of Clinically Effective Formulas    As the COVID-19 spreads to over 190 countries, it is important to understand how it has been treated in China. In mild to moderate cases herbal ...more »

  • Jing Fang Treatmeant of COVID-19 Case Study (January 31st to February 10th, 2020)

    Classical Formula - Jing Fang

    COVID-19 Case treated in He Chuan Community Hospital, Yong Xin county, in Jiang Xi province, by Dr. Zuo Jian ying Female 21 years old   After returning from Wuhan two days prior, the patient developed a fever and cough and was sent to the hospital for isolation and treatment on January 24t ...more »

  • Professor Hu Xi Shu Discussion on San Ren Tang for Viral Infections

    Classical Formula - Jing Fang

    San Ren Tang is often used in the treatment of COVID-19 in combination with Xiao Chai Hu plus Shi Gao Tang. It is a Tai yang (mild) Tai yin Yang ming concurrent syndrome formula which treats severe chest distention and oppression, shortness of breath, panting and wheezing, cough with scant phlegm, h ...more »

  • Case study: Treatment of COVID-19 Infectious Pneumonia in Hainan, China (January 24th to February 3rd, 2020)

    Classical Formula - Jing Fang

    The patient flew from Wuhan to Hainan on January 24th, 2020. After arriving at Haikou, he went directly to his home in Ding An county for isolation and observation. After developing a fever, he was immediately hospitalized in Hainan’s Provincial People’s Hospital. A chest CT revealed “exudative chan ...more »

  • Six Syndrome System of the Shang Han Lun

    Classical Formula - Jing Fang

    Classical Chinese Medical philosophy views health and disease through “the eight-principle and six-syndrome differentiation” methods. In ancient times, Chinese medical experts identified concurrent symptoms as patterns and associated them with formulas to treat them. Eventually with repeated clinica ...more »

  • Acupuncture Benefits Alzheimer Patients

    Classical Acupuncture

    Acupuncture improves drug effectiveness for the treatment of Alzheimer disease (AD). Researchers conducted a meta-analysis of randomized controlled studies and found that acupuncture plus the drug donepezil is more effective than using only donepezil as a standalone treatment. In a surprising findin ...more »

  • Acupuncture Slows the Progression of Parkinson's

    Classical Acupuncture

    New research reveals how acupuncture protects the brain in areas damaged by Parkinson’s disease. Scientists at the World Health Organization Collaborating Center for Traditional Medicine have discovered two acupuncture points that prevent the breakdown of an important brain protecting enzyme, tyrosi ...more »

  • Jing Fang Approach to Treat Fever

    Classical Formula - Jing Fang

    Being a classical Chinese physician and treating diseases according to the classical thinking, we must first identify the type of disease through the “eight principles”.  We must determine if it is a hot or a cold disease, or a mixture of hot and cold disease.  We must identify if it is an internal ...more »

  • Health Benefits of Black Sugar

    Health Cultivation

    Black Sugar (Kurozato) is a common ingredient in Asian cooking and baking. This type of unrefined sugar comes from the island of Okinawa and has many health benefits not found in white and brown/red sugar. It is believed to help lower cholesterol levels and neutral blood fat contains molasses, potas ...more »