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Weekly Chinese Wisdom

  • Either I will find a way, or I will make one!

    A great reminder to follow our dreams even when the road hasn't been defined yet, we can still make our path and achieve our goals and dreams. 若我不到路, 就另辟蹊径 Ruò wǒ bú dào lù, jiù lìng pì xī jìng Break down: 若         ruò= if 我         wǒ= I 不到     bú ...

  • Don't follow others' steps when making your own trip

    A great reminder to not compromise our individuality and become a part of the “herd” on our way to success!   不要踩着别人的脚印,找自己的路   Bùyào cǎizhe biérén de jiǎoyìn,       zhǎo zìjǐ de lù     Break down:   不要     Bùyào= do not 踩        Cǎi= tread 着        Zhe= grammatical particle ...

  • Chance favors the prepared mind!

    Here is a motivating sentence that gives us a peak at the Chinese perspective and one of many secrets to success!   机会总眷顾有准备的人   Jīhuì zǒng juànjù yǒu zhǔnbèi de rén     Break down:   机会    Jīhuì  = Chance 总        Zǒng = Always 眷顾   Juàngù= To have tender feelings f ...

  • Weekly Chinese Wisdom

    Chinese language is an integral part of the culture and medicine and it is also quite fun to learn. CMT will share a common Chinese phrases on a weekly basis; either related to Chinese Medicine, ancient wisdom, common sayings or daily life. Have fun reading!   We also give a breakdown of the ...

  • Done is Better than Perfect!

    比 完 美 更 重 要 的 是 完 成。   Bǐ wánměi gèng zhòngyào de shì wánchéng.     Break down:   比    Bǐ …更gèng  = Better… than 完美   wánměi  = Perfect 重要   zhòngyào  = Important 的   de  = (grammatical partical) 是   shì  =  is 完成  wánchéng  =  done.