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Dr. Feng Shi lun

Dr. Feng Shi Lun (冯世纶), is a chief physician at the Ministry of Health Sino-Japan Friendship Hospital in Beijing and the founder and president of the Hu Xi Shu Classical Medicine Research Institute in Beijing. He was born in 1938, in Hebei Province, China. Dr. Feng graduated from what is now the Beijing University of Chinese medicine in 1965 and then worked at the Dong Zhi Men Hospital for about 20 years when he was transferred to the Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital in 1984.

Dr. Feng worked along side the late and highly respected classical expert, Dr. Hu Xi Shu as a fellow physician and student. Dr. Feng has founded the Hu Xi Shu Research Institute in Beijing to commemorate his teacher but also to start a movement to promote and deepen the correct understanding of the classical medicine especially of the Shang Han Lun and the Jin Gui Yao Lue.

Dr. Feng has received many awards for his research done on bronchitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and has written many clinical papers. Dr. Feng is a highly respected international classical expert and lecturer and tirelessly teaches all who show a genuine interest in the classical medicine. He has also written over 20 books on the understanding of the Shang Han Lun, one of which will be published in English in 2014.


After years of research and under the guidance of Prof. Hu, Professor Feng Shi Lun was able to conclude that the origin of Shang Han Lun is the classical text of the Canon of Decoction and Brews (Tang Ye Jing Fa – 汤液经法) and established that the theory of Shang Han Lun Six Channels theory differs from that discussed in Neijing. Dr. Feng currently has many followers and disciples all over the world applying the systematic approach of Zhang Zhong Jing’s “Six Level Syndrome Differentiation” of Clinical approach to disease.


Since 2007, Dr. Feng and the Hu Xi Shu Research Institute have organized various conferences in Beijing where attendees come by the hundreds to learn the valuable knowledge of the Jing Fang. Dr. Feng has been doing a lot of research on the concept of “half exterior and half interior” syndrome differentiation, a concept first recorded by Zhang Zhong Jing. In 2009, Dr. Feng and his group have organized Beijing’s first nationwide “Advanced Seminar of the Clinical Understanding and Application of Jing Fang”.

Dr. Feng has been invited to Japan, Mongolia, Taiwan, Canada, America, Russia, Australia and many more countries, he has been on television many times all with one main message and goal; “May we all be Jing Fang Successors”. Dr. Feng is a great clinician, a patient professor and a respectable doctor; he is clearly a master of our times. Don't miss the Live seminar (or the recorded version) of 10 lectures on the Clinical Understanding of the Shang Han Lun on CMT.


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