CMT Team

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERADr. Suzanne Robidoux has been an internal & external martial artist for over 20 years now and received her master’s degree in Chinese medicine over 15 years ago. After having her own clinic in Canada for two years she decided she wanted more. In 2000, she moved to Taiwan and met her first Taiji master Li Zhang ren and spent three years learning Xing yi quan, and Chen Style Taiji quan. During her stay in Taiwan she also spent a lot of time in Chinese medical clinics and learned from the doctors. In 2004, she got admitted in the Doctoral program at the Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine where she spent three years working in various hospitals such as the Neurological Hospital of Nanjing, Qin Huai Qu Chinese Medicine Hospital and Jiang Su Shen Zhong Hospital mainly conducting various clinical research on neurological disorders, gynecological diseases as well as traumatology. 

After graduating in 2007, Suzanne moved to Beijing and participated in an international project of translating and publishing multiple professional Chinese medicine books. She manage, edited and published over 20 books in 5 years and also organized and managed an international project that helped finance over 100 various professional books in 8 different languages. At that time she also met with Master Sun Zhi jun and has continued to practice with him ever since. In 2009 and 2010 she received 3 gold medals for the Bagua sword, spear and open hand forms and published his book and dvd in 2012.

Suzanne is currently conducting a post doctoral clinical research on the practical understanding of the Shang Han Lun medical understanding of the “Six Layer of Disease”. Suzanne is also an international lecturer and has taught in Asia, Europe and North America including Canada, United States, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Finland as well as Beijing and Taiwan. It was Suzanne’s dream to create CMT to be able to unite the people genuinely interested in the world of Chinese medicine and martial arts. 


or profile2Or Shampanier is also an avid Chinese medicine lover and has been practicing internal and external martial arts for about 8 years with a focus on Vietnamese Wing Chun under the Ngo Si Quy lineage. He moved to Beijing in 2011 to continue his Chinese Medicine studies at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, where he is currently completing his M.A degree. He is dedicated to conducting clinical practice with local patients.

Besides his busy studies and clinical practice, Or also enjoys practicing Cheng Style Tai ji quan and Bagua Zhang regularly in the park with local teachers.

Or is a vital part of the CMT team and is in charge of graphic design, video shooting and content writing.