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Jing Fang Treatment done in China for the Viral Pneumonia

Treatment of COVID-19 Pneumonia According to Jing Fang done in China from January to April 2020

Compilation of Clinically Effective Formulas


As the COVID-19 spreads to over 190 countries, it is important to understand how it has been treated in China. In mild to moderate cases herbal formulas were given and in severe cases integrated medicine was used by combining Chinese medicine and western medicine.


These formulas are listed according to the Jing Fang classical approach of Hu Xi shu mostly used by Dr. Tong Xiao lin (TXL) who usually practices at the Guang An Men Chinese Medicine Hospital in Beijing. Some other formulas are recommended by Dr. Zhang Yue feng (ZXF). They both have clinical experience treating infected patients with efficient results.


Symptoms: Fever with aversion to cold, or alternative fever with aversion to cold, or fever with aversion to heat, with or without sweating, cough, wheezing, panting, chest tightness and oppression, difficulty in taking a deep breath, low appetite, nausea, bloating after eating, glomus, diarrhea, or constipation.


In severe cases: Persistent fever with aversion to cold and heat, severe breathlessness which is worse with movement, needing ventilator, wheezing, panting, chest oppression and tightness, cough with phlegm, which is difficult to expectorate, no appetite, fatigue, weakness, loose stools, constipation, heart and kidney failure.


There have been many different clinical tests on various formulas used for treating the viral pneumonia in the last 2 months. On February 5th Qing Fei Pai Du Tang was given to 214 infected patients with mild to severe symptoms taken for 3 days of observation. There was improvement in 90% of the patients, where 60% showed significant improvement and 30% were stable without aggravation. This is a 10% significant difference from the 80% of the infected patients with mild to moderate symptoms. (2.7.2020) Here is an clinical research done on the same formula with similar research findings.


Qing Fei Pai Du Tang 清肺排毒汤 is a Three yang Tai yin formula with internal dampness stagnation on three areas. It is a combination of Ma Xing Shi Gan Tang, Wu Ling San, Xiao Chai Hu (minus Da zao Dang shen) and She Gan Ma Huang Tang (minus Wu wei zi) plus Shan yao, Zhi shi, Chen pi and Huo xiang, used for promoting digestion and expelling dampness.


Ma huang 9g, Zhi gan cao 6g, Xing ren 9g, Sheng shi gao 15~30g, Gui zhi 9g, Ze xie 9g, Zhu ling 9g, Bai zhu 9g, Fu ling 15g Chai hu 15g, Huang qin 6g, Jiang ban xia 9g, Sheng jiang 9g, Zi wan 9g, Kuan dong hua 9g, She gan 9g, Xi xin 6g, Shan yao 12g, Zhi shi 6g, Chen pi 6g, Huo xiang 9g.


After analyzing various successful treatments of the COVID-19 in the last 2 months, we have compiled 22 formulas which are most often needed. These formulas are combined to fit the symptoms at the moment of consultation. These cases are reevaluated daily when there is fever to modify the formula accordingly. Patients are reevaluated every 3 days in stage of recuperation, and every 7 days in the stage of remission. There are also important modifications to consider according to symptom severity. To read some case studies you can go here.


All of these formulas originate from the Shang Han Lun, Jin Gui Yao Lue, Wen Bing Tiao Bian and Wen Yi Lun (Treatise on Epidemic Diseases) and are used according to the Six Syndrome System.


These formulas according to Jing Fang Syndromes are:


Tai yang Syndrome

1. Ge Gen Tang

2. Gui Zhi Jia Hou Po Xing Zi Tang


Tai yang Yang ming Concurrent Syndrome

1. Ma Xing Yi Gan Tang

2. Ma Xing Shi Gan Tang

3. Da Qing Long Tang


Tai yang Tai yin Yang ming Concurrent Syndrome

1. She Gan Ma Huang Tang

2. San Ren Tang (Wen Bing Tiao Bian)

3. Wu Ling San

4. Hou Po Ma Huang Tang


Three yang Tai yin Concurrent Syndrome

1. Chai Hu Gui Zhi Tang plus Shi gao, Ge gen

2. Qing Fei Pai Du San

3. Ze Qi Tang


Shao Yang Yang ming Concurrent Syndrome

1. Xiao Chai Hu plus Shi Gao Tang

2. Da Chai Hu plus Shi Gao Tang


Yang ming Tai yin Concurrent Syndrome

1. Da Yuan Yin (Wen Yi Lun)

2. Bai Hu Jia Ren Shen Tang

3. Zhu Ye Shi Gao Tang

4. Wei Jing Tang

5. Ting Li Da Zao Xie Fei Tang


Tai yin Syndrome

1. Si Ni Jia Ren Shen Tang

2. Li Zhong Tang


Jue yin Tai yin Concurrent Syndrome

1. Ban Xia Xie Xin Tang


Jing fang according to Stages of Disaese3.3.2020.

Jing fang Formulas for Viral Pneumonia_3.3.2020

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