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  • Master Sun Zhi jun's view on Ba gua zhang

    Ba Gua Zhang Internal Arts

    “The circular movement of the body in You Shen Ba Gua Lian Huan Zhang are spiraling like a rivet. While turning the body, the step opens outwards with the eyes looking towards the center of the circle and the body rotates on the central axis. Like the earth, our body spins without losing its central ...more »

  • Master Zhong: On Tai Ji Quan

    Health Cultivation

    Come and listen to a 15 minute interview with Daoist Master Zhong Dao song sharing his life experience and valued opinion on the origins and meaning of Tai Ji Quan. What are the most important aspect of the practice of Tai Ji Quan? What are the relations between Tai Ji Quan and Qi Gong? What can we ...more »

  • Dr. Huang Huang on Clinical Application of Classical Formulas

    Classical Formula - Jing Fang

    Listen to this 15 minute interview with Dr. Huang Huang speaking to CMT after his resourceful 3-day seminar on the clinical application of Classical formulas at the Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine. Our days started at 8:30 am and ended at 8:30 pm. With over 200 attendees and some great intere ...more »

  • Dr. Feng Shi lun's thoughts on the Six Layer Syndrome Differentiation of the Shang Han lun

    Classical Formula - Jing Fang

    Join us on CMT where Dr. Feng explains his views and opinion of the importance of correctly understading the basic clinical structure of the Six Level Syndrome Differentiation and its difference with the Six Channels listed in the Yellow Emperor's Internal Canon commonly used in TCM acupuncture. He ...more »

  • Dr. Tao Kun: On Moxa Therapy

    Classical Acupuncture

    Listen to a free interview with The Moxa Master, Dr. Tao Kun on the various application of the moxa in today's Chinese medicine clinic.  Dr. Tao uses over 12 different types of moxa in his busy daily Chinese medicine clinic and brings great results on complicated and difficult to treat diseases. Dr. ...more »