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  • Dementia1

    Acupuncture Stabilizes Dementia

    Classical Acupuncture

    Research finds acupuncture effective for improving memory, cognition and walking for patients with dementia. First up, we take a look at acupuncture p ...

  • mri

    MRi and PET scan Proves Acupuncture Activates Brain for Stroke Victims

    Classical Acupuncture

    A recent study shows that acupuncture increases brain activity in stroke victims. Using MRI technology, researchers documented that real acupuncture i ...

  • Stroke

    Scalp Acupuncture Effective For Stroke

    Classical Acupuncture

    Recent clinical research indicates that scalp acupuncture has a positive curative effect on patients suffering from stroke. The researchers document t ...

  • coma

    Acupuncture Revives Coma Patients

    Classical Acupuncture

    Acupuncture improves the time it takes to regain consciousness from a coma after a severe brain injury. In a new randomized controlled study, research ...

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