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Jing Fang Treatmeant of COVID-19 Case Study (January 31st to February 10th, 2020)

COVID-19 Case treated in He Chuan Community Hospital, Yong Xin county, in Jiang Xi province, by Dr. Zuo Jian ying

Female 21 years old


After returning from Wuhan two days prior, the patient developed a fever and cough and was sent to the hospital for isolation and treatment on January 24th, 2020. A CT scan and nucleic acid testing confirmed a COVID-19 pneumonia infection. She was given antipyretic and antiviral medication for 7 days but the fever remained and her health declined rapidly. 1st consultation, January 31st, she consulted with a Chinese medicine doctor and stopped taking western medicine.


Symptom analysis according to syndrome:

Tai yang Shang han syndrome: High fever of 39.7°C, aversion to cold without sweating and soreness of the limbs.

Shao yang syndrome: Dry cough, poor appetite.

Yang ming syndrome: Thick white sputum, irritability, constipation, dry mouth, dark urine, thick greasy yellow tongue coating.

Diagnosis: Three yang concurrent syndrome.

Formula: Xiao Chai Hu Jia Shi Gao Tang plus Ge Gen Tang and Xing ren, Huo xiang, Lu gen


Shao yang Yang ming formula: Xiao Chai Hu Jia Shi Gao Tang.

Ingredients: Chai hu 24g, Huang qin 9g, Sheng jiang 15g, Fa ban xia 15g, Da zao 10g, Sheng gan cao 8g, Shi gao 45g.

* Dang shen was replaced by Lu gen 30g.


Tai yang formula: Ge Gen Tang Jia Xing ren and Huo xiang.

Ingredients: Ma huang 15g, Gui zhi 12g, Bai shao 15g, Ge gen 30g, Xing ren 10g, Huo Xiang 10g.


First follow up: On the next day (February 1st) her temperature was 36.2°C, her vitality was much better, and the sleep was recuperative.

Remaining: Dry cough with occasional white phlegm, passing stools 3 times a day with mild sweating, red tongue with sticky white coating.

Understanding: The sweating began and reduced the fever. Shi gao also reduced the internal heat.

Diagnosis: Three yang Tai yin concurrent syndrome

Shao yang formula: Xiao Chai Hu Tang: Chai hu 15g, Huang qin 9g, Fa ban xia 15g. (Dang shen was omitted)

Tai yang Tai yin Yang ming formula: Hou Po Ma Huang Tang: Hou po 15g, Ma huang 10g, Shi gao 20g, Xing ren 10g, Gan jiang 10g, Xi xin 6g, Wu wei zi 10g.

Plus Fu xiao mai 30g, Huo xiang 10g, Qiang huo 10g, Yi yi ren 30g.


Second follow up on February 4th: The cough greatly improved and was only occasional, scant viscous phlegm, mild sweating, no other symptoms, red tongue with white greasy coating. She tested negative for COVID-19.

Formula: Xiao Chai Hu Tang plus Hou Po Ma Huang Tang Jia Yi yi ren, Huo xiang, Fu xiao mai, Cang zhu, Chen pi.

Ingredients: Chai hu 15g, Huang qin 10g, Hou po 10g, Ma huang 7g, Sheng shi gao 20g, Xing ren 10g, Fa ban xia 15g, Gan jiang 6g, Xi xin 3g, Fu xiao mai 30g, Huo xiang 10g, Yi yi ren 30g, Cang zhu 10g, Chen pi 20g.


Analysis: This combination of formula is focused on warming the interior and expelling the stagnation of cold dampness in the upper and the middle, while nourishing body fluids and digestion. The patient continued taking Jing Fang formulas for the following week according to the changing symptoms.


On the fifth follow up, on February 10th: A Chest CT scan confirmed the lungs were normal without any signs of pneumonia, and all other symptoms resolved. She was released from the hospital and given Xiao Chai Hu Tang plus Ban Xia Xie Xin Tang plus Shan yao and Yi yi ren.


Ingredients: Chai hu 10g, Huang qin 12g, Fa ban xia 15g, Dang shen 15g, Gan cao 6g, Gan jiang 10g, Huang lian 4g, Cang zhu 15g, Shan yao 20g, Yi yi ren 30g. 6 packs.


Follow up on February 24th: No recurrence of symptoms, and a second lung CT scan confirmed no viral infection. She was given 7 packs of Chai Hu Gui Zhi Tang plus Ge gen to address the tight neck and harmonize the body.


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