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Fully Booked! Health Cultivation and Protecting the Practitioner, November 2015, Beijing, China

Speaker: Dr. Suzanne Robidoux Translator: Taught in English Location: Beijing, China Date: November 2, 2015 For more information and to register, please email to
After a high demand from practitioners met during her Teaching tour across Europe in 2014, Dr. Suzanne Robidoux has organized the opportunity to come to China and spend two full weeks learning the art of self cultivation and protection for Chinese practitioners as it was intended in the classical times. Anciently, all masters had a daily practice of internal arts to not only cultivate themselves but also raise the level of energy and become more proficient Chinese health practitioners.   This 2-week self cultivation tour is mainly given to Chinese health practitioners, massage therapists and natural health providers. Our goal is to deepen the knowledge in the classical Chinese medicine by learning the key of Classical Yuan Qi Acupuncture which includes 60 new points locations to balance the channels and is primarily instantly effective on treating pain and relieving tension. Then, we will learn over 10 classical moxa techniques essential to treat autoimmune and stubborn degenerative diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's and many more.   Furthermore, the practitioners will learn various internal arts practices in the goal to protect themselves, stay energized and increase their needling skills. These practices include the 1st level of Medical Qi Gong Tai He to nourish the three Dan tians and prepare the clearing stage (level 2). Then practitioners will learn the Daoist sitting practice of Xian Tian (pre-heaven practice) to fill the energetic gaps in an accelerated way and get the energy for deeper awareness and connection.   An important part of sound healing is a strong root. The practitioners will learn the practice of the most powerful internal martial art of Ba Gua Zhang. Practitioners will learn the Eight mother palm form to nourish the root and practice the inner spiral. This will initiate the internal power to continue growing with the practice on the home front. Level two will include some advanced forms and sword play.   In addition, at the end of the 2 week internship, participants will have the chance to participate to our 1st Shang Han Lun webinar live in our recording studio in Beijing.   Dr. Robidoux is a proficient practitioner and has received permission to teach all of the techniques mentioned above. She has been practicing Ba Gua Zhang for over 18 years and has received 5 gold medals in international competitions in 2009 and 2011. She has been practicing Tai He Qi Gong for 7 years, Xian Tian for 8 years and Classical Yuan Qi for 7 years. She enjoys teaching dedicated students. Looking forward to see you soon!     CMT will organize all living arrangements in shared apartments or hotels as well as cultural activities. Language classes are also available to those interested. Maximum of 10 people are accepted. There are now 4 places remaining. To register: Click here 2 weeks practice for 1500US$