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Jing Fang for Bi Syndrome: Advanced Clinical Series with Dr. Feng Shi Lun 3 (2 DVDs)

Speaker: Feng Shi Lun; Suzanne Robidoux Price:Video Coming Soon
This advanced Jing Fang series is completed and available for you here. These courses have in goal to deepen your knowledge of the classical application of the classical formula with the clear understanding of the patterns presentation. This advanced series of Jing Fang Six syndrome diagnosis is taught by Dr. Feng Shi Lun with Dr. Suzanne Robidoux as a translator and interpreter. We discuss the treatment of Bi syndrome using the classical teachings and formula patterns from the Shang Han Lun and Jin Gui Yao Lue.   In these 2 DVDs (over 3hrs 50 min), dr. Feng brings his valuable clinical experience on using the six syndrome system of Zhang Zhong Jing to treat various types of Bi syndrome and acute or chronic painful joint disorders. Dr. Feng reviews severe case studies with their treatment formula patterns with related original clauses as follows:  
  •  Gui Zhi Jia Fu Zi Tang
  •  Ling Zhu Fu Tang
  •  Gui Zhi Jia Ling Zhu Fu Tang
  •  Ling Zhu Fu Ji Ling Tang
  •  Ling Zhu Fu Qi Tang
  •  Gui Zhi Jia Ling Zhu Fu Qi Tang
  •  Huang Qi Gui Zhi Wu Wu Jia Ling Zhu Tang
  •  Gui Zhi Jia Ling Zhu Fu Da Huang Tang
  •  Ge Gen Jia Ling Zhu Fu Tang
  •  Ma Xing Yi Gan Tang
  •  Yue Bi Jia Zhu Yi Fang Tang
  •  Gui Zhi Shao Yao Zhi Mu Tang
  •  and much more
These courses were translated live by classical researcher and post doctorate laureate at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Dr. Suzanne Robidoux