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Fully Booked! Acupuncture and Moxa Practice in Nanjing 2015 with Dr. Tao Kun, Moxa Master!

Speaker: Dr. Tao Kun Translator: Dr. Suzanne Robidoux Location: Nanjing, China Date: November 16, 2015 For more information and to register, please email to
Come and Join CMT in the busy clinic of Dr. Tao Kun for 2 weeks and learn many new skills that you can bring back with you.   From the CM Tongue Mapping Scalp Acupuncture to moxa massage, turtle shell moxa and various acupuncture techniques to treat skin diseases, Dr. Tao Kun is well known to treat difficult diseases including Male and Female infertility, Gynecology, Male disorders, musculoskeletal pain and disorders and much more.   During this timeless clinical experience, we will attend Dr. Tao's very busy clinic every morning on weekdays and see Dr. Tao's needling technique first hand, participate in the moxa techniques and see the full treatment protocol for various diseases. Dr Tao sees from 50 to 80 patients a day and uses body acupuncture, TCM scalp acupuncture, moxa massage, massage salt, moxa on ginger, moxa smoking, walnut moxa. All of which you can learn in clinic. Besides the clinical experience, CMT has arranged for you to attend 6 theoretical courses where you can practice on your fellow classmates including: Moxa Massage technique with practice, Needling technique with difficult cases discussion, Tongue Mapping Scalp Acupuncture Technique, and TCM treatment of 5 commonly seen skin diseases.   We will arrange a weekend get away trip to the well known yellow mountains during the weekend (fee not included). Certificates of completion are also available. Both the clinic time and courses will be organized and translated in English by Dr. Suzanne Robidoux, who has been a student of Dr. Tao for over 9 years.   There is a maximum of 10 participants. (2 places remaining) To register: Click here 1 500 USD for 2 weeks, room and board not included. For More information contact CMT: