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TCM Case Studies: Pediatrics

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TCM pediatrics is one of the oldest areas of specialization in Chinese medicine. While children display increased growth and development, there is also an increased susceptibility to disease along with a unique set of clinical manifestations. However, with accurate pattern differentiation and diagnosis, children will generally recover from disease faster than adults. The special diagnostic and treatment methods required for child patients can be found within the clinical cases and discussions as provided in this book.


Teaching with case studies is a hands-on problem-solving and interactive teaching method for which this book is intended- as a tool for the teaching of TCM clinical medicine. By studying representative cases, students and practitioners alike can enhance their clinical capacity through gaining insight into the application of theoretical knowledge. Following each case, there are qusetions broadly based on the disease category in order to compensate for the lack of breadth offered by a single case. The additional commentary and discussion contributed by the co-author also serves to more effectively instruct the Western TCM student.

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Wang Meng-qing, Wu Qian-zhi& Lei Yu-e


People's Medical Publishing House


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