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TCM Case Studies: Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Disorders

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EENT disorders include many of the most common conditions encountered in clinical practice, affecting women and men, children and the elderly equally. Mastery of this topic is fundamental to effective general, family and pediatric practices. The realm of the text is wide, exploring the clinical experience of 61 diseases that range from common acute infections to rare surgical emergencies. The book is a valuable reference for enhancing critical thought; logical and methodical analysis, strategies and formula selections are presented, helping practitioners to master a specialty rarely taught in depth in the West. Authors, Prof. Peng and Ms. Frank detail the process of pattern differentiation based on the location and presentation of the disease to help practitioners diagnose with accuracy. Familiar formulas are reframed and used innovatively. Historical formulas rarely translated in Western textbooks are presented with analysis and contemporary empirical formulas, and formulas that have never been presented previously.



* An overview of the disease and a summary of the TCM terminology
* Case presentation and analysis
* Diagnosis and treatment plan
* Case management and follow-up
* Detailed discussion of the pathogenesis, and treatment strategies of other pattern presentations
* Integration with Western medical treatment
* Case scenarios to illustrate other pattern presentations
* Detailed commentary of the primary case history and formulas

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Peng Qing-hua, Cara O. Frank& Portia Barnblatt




People's Medical Publishing House


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