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Live Webinar 2 (May 2nd-3rd) – Jing Fang For Insomnia


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Join us on this 2nd of 10 Live webinars with Dr. Feng Shi lun with the advanced understanding of the Jing Fang or Classical understanding of disease and reviewing recent complex cases by analyzing them according to the six syndrome classical Chinese system. Broadcasted on May 2nd and 3rd. 


On Saturday afternoon we will broadcast from 4pm to 8pm for the European practitioners (corresponding to Saturday 8am to noon London Time) and Sunday morning we will broadcast from 8am to noon to fit the North American schedule (corresponding to Saturday night 8pm to midnight). If you have missed the weekend webinar, an audio recording will be sent to you and available for three months for repeated listening and deepening of the teachings.


This course is broadcasted live from Beijing, China with an instant translation in English by classical researcher and international speaker Dr. Suzanne Robidoux. You will have the chance to instantly interact with Dr. Feng and ask any questions or concerns you may have on the classical thinking in clinic. Watch and learn as Dr. Feng explains the classical understanding of Zhang Zhong jing, giving clear explanation of the original clauses of the classical text with many case studies. 


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