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Jing Fang Online Webinar Case Study Review 3, March 2nd, 2019



Each webinar in this 3 part series will include 4 case study reviews from the experience of Dr. Feng Shi lun, and 10 case study reviews of cases from the participants. All case studies reviewed during the courses will be sent to the participants ahead of time, in order to allow time to preview them, prepare a full diagnosis and formula pattern suggestion. During the courses, Dr. Robidoux will discuss each case, analyzing the full symptom presentation, explain the choice of formulas and modifications, followed by questions from the participants.


The price of each course individually is 80$. Registration for the entire course is discounted at 220$, which can be purchased in this link:

Jing Fang Clinical Case Review and Practice 3 Seminar Discount


* Participants that cannot attend the course will be sent an audio or video recording of the meeting.

* The first 10 participants to register will be contacted and offered to have one of their cases reviewed during the webinar.

* This course is only admissible for people registered to the Jing Fang 2 year programs around the world.



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