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The Guide to food and Medicinal Incompatibilities


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This book is designed to inform people how to avoid common mistakes and achieve optimal health in the combination of food and drug therapies. It examines commonly-found foods or medicinals and their contraindications or incompatibilities. Covering 116 kinds of common foods, it is one of the must-have reference books for patients and fans of Chinese medicine.


Generally speaking, the connotation of food or drug contraindication refers to: the correspondence between diet and common diseases, indicating that some foods and drugs we ingest can be harmful to consume during the process of recovery from or curing disease. Another aspect covered in this book is food-food or food-drug contraindications, implying the synergistic effect may induce an acute or chronic response by the body.This book carries detailed information with easy-to-understand explanations with scientific and logical rationales. It can be used by practitioners or laymen alike.

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