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TCM Case Studies: Gynecology

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This book discusses nearly 40 common gynecological conditions associated with menstruation, pregnancy, vaginal discharge, post-partum conditions, abnormal bleeding, and other miscellaneous gynecological conditions. Representative cases for each condition are provided here with discussions that illustrate the analytical thinking process behind effective TCM pattern differentiation and treatment. TCM treatments mainly include Chinese medicinal prescriptions combined with acupuncture and Chinese prepared medicines. One unique feature of the text is found in the discussion provided by esteemed co-author Misha Ruth Cohen which serves to compare, corroborate and contrast the various approaches to diagnosis and treatment within both China and in Western clinics. Students of Chinese medicine will also find the study questions at the end of each section to be a useful aid for exam preparation and continuing study.



* Representative case studies for nearly 40 common gynecological conditions
* Extended analyses from both Western and Chinese TCM specialists
* Study questions with discussion for teachers and students

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