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Hu Xi Shu Explaining The Shang Han Za Bing Lun (2nd Edition, Chinese)



This 2nd edition of the teachings prof. Hu left for us is accompanied by a CD-ROM, so readers have have the opportunity to listen to the last recording made while reading the book



This book clarifies the theoretical concepts of Zhang Zhong jing’s works while illustrating the application of the “eight guiding principles” and “six layer differentiation system”. Dr. Feng Shi lun describes the clinical application of Zhang Zhong jing’s “Treatise on Cold Damage” (Shang Han Lun – 伤寒论) with clear interpretations of every clause and relevant commentary of his teacher Professor Hu Xi shu as well as some interesting case studies.


This book aims to share the precious knowledge and understanding of disease the ancient medical sage Zhang Zhong Jing had meant to pass on. This book is meant for beginner and advanced practitioner with an interest in Chinese medicine, classical thinking as well as efficient clinical results. This clinically relevant book explains the classical view of disease and how to treat them efficiently while highlighting the clinical applications and discourses of each formula pattern. All the explanations and interpretations in this book are in accordance with the original scriptures by Zhang Zhong Jing, making this volume an essential addition to classical Chinese medicine enthusiasts.

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