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Gynecology in Chinese Medicine

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Gynecology in Chinese medicine is an extensive text written by expert TCM specialists in China, covering the theory and practice of TCM gynecology and obstetrics in great depth. The book is made up of two major parts, with a general discussion on TCM gynecology and specific individual discussions on female physiology and pathology, the diagnoses of gynecological diseases, the treatment of gynecological diseases, and gynecological disease prevention and hygiene.


Specific discussions introduce fifty types of gynecological diseases ranging from menstruation, leukorrhea, pregnancy and postpartum conditions and other miscellaneous diseases. The overview includes definitions, characteristics and categories; etiologies and pathomechanisms are depicted in the form of flow charts which are convenient for memorization.


Diagnostics consist of medical histories, clinical manifestations and examinations; treatments consist of pattern identification essentials, therapeutic principles, and pattern-oriented treatments along with acupuncture and moxibustion treatments. The case discussions include abstracts of cases and detailed analyses.

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