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Chinese Medicinal Formulas


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Chinese medicinals and formulas have been used for centuries. Recorded Literature, both historic and modern, discusses hundreds of medicinals and formulas that have been used clinically over time. A thorough study of Chinese medicinals and formulas is a major endeavor and an important facet of traditional Chinese medical education. It is essential for a comprehensive understanding of Chinese medicinal formula understanding.


* Using clear and easily understood forms to elucidate Formula Analysis, Modifications, and Comparisons& Contrasts.
*Further Clarification set to elucidate the difficulties and doubts.
* Unique Combination Features helping readers to learn more compatibility skills.
* One to four typical and practical cases by famous ancient or current TCM practitioners listed to help readers master the core pathomechanism and learn how to modify the formulas in different specific cases.

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Deng Zhong-jia, Greg Zimmermen, Ye Qiao-bo




People's Medical Publishing House


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