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Video Course: Chinese Medicine Approach to Multiple Sclerosis

Speaker: Dr. Suzanne Robidoux Price:Video Coming Soon


Available Now!! Multiple Sclerosis (MS) affects the ability of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord to communicate with each other effectively. In MS, the body presents with a wide range of symptoms; some physical, emotional or psychological. Symptoms can range from sudden paralysis, sudden blindness, muscle twitching or weakness, muscle atrophy, incontinence of stool and urine, mental confusion, aphasia, depression, loss of memory or loss of cognitive functions and so on. This disease mainly affects women three times more than men, between the ages of 20 to 40. It is recorded that there were over 20 million cases of MS in Northern Europe.


Western medicine has reached a certain level of advancements when it comes to diagnosing this disease. However, the causes of MS are still considered unknown and treatments of MS are still experimental and have severe side effects such as mild or severe depression, multi organ failure and death. Chinese medicine can greatly affect the quality and length of the life. With the right treatment approach, we can treat the presenting symptoms and prevent them from returning. Using the wealth of information given to us in the classical Chinese medicine we are able to have effective treatment for MS patients.


In this recorded seminar, Dr. Robidoux clearly explains the classical understanding of the body and mind in Chinese medicine and relates it to severe degenerative neurological diseases. Dr. Robidoux presents important treatment protocols effective for MS using some body and scalp acupuncture, moxibustion and herbal medicine. Dr. Robidoux also covers additional treatment approaches for over 20 of the main symptoms seen in MS.


Dr. Robidoux was involved in a Chinese medicine research treating MS with Chinese medicine and has successfully treated MS patients in Canada and Europe successfully. She introduces some of the clinical cases and treatment protocols.



* Review the etiology of multiple sclerosis according to TCM and according to classical Chinese medicine

* Understand the classical Chinese medicine outlook on life and health and understand how it is affected in systematic and neurological disorders

* Learn some of the keys treatment lines of scalp acupuncture in the treatment of MS

* Learn essential moxibustion treatments to MS

* Review live success cases of MS and their treatment approach



0 hrs - 1 hrs: Introduction to understanding and etiology of multiple sclerosis (MS).


1 hrs - 2 hrs: Understand MS according to classical Chinese medicine.


2 hrs - 3 hrs: Learn the key aspects of Classical Chinese medicine that affect the neurological system.


3 hrs - 4 hrs: Introduce the different Chinese medicine syndromes associated in MS according to the symptoms presentations with specific treatment protocols.


4 hrs - 5 hrs: Introduce some effective Scalp Acupuncture lines effective for MS and accompanied symptoms; Learn the treatment protocol for MS and accompanied symptoms; Review some cases and necessary steps to recuperate from MS.


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This course can accredit 5 CEUs/PDAs points for: California, Florida, IVAS, Standard Certificate, and NCCAOM credits.