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Dr. Tao Kun: The Moxa Master

Speaker: Dr. Tao Kun Price:Video Coming Soon

One of Dr. Tao Kun favorite and most common Chinese medicine quote from the classic comes from the Huang Di Nei Jing (Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor) and it states: “ if the disease can not be treated successfully with acupuncture; if will be treated with moxibustion.” Moxibustion and Acupuncture are often regarded as two legs of one medical system. Without one or the other you can not go very far.

If you’ve spent any time in China and know Chinese language you have probably heard of the saying: “if you want to see the best acupuncture you go to the north [Tianjing] to meet with Shi Xue min; if you want to have effective moxibustion, you go to the south [Nanjing] and meet with Tao Kun.” Dr. Tao Kun is very well know in Nanjing and across China for using both “legs” of Chinese medicine in his treatment. He has not only practice acupuncture and moxa in clinical for over 50 years but he has also developed new form of moxibustion techniques, most of which are now being practiced by Chinese physician all over the world.

In this course Dr. Tao Kun will introduce the origins of moxibustion as well as various types of moxibustion techniques along with their clinical applications. He will show us his salt and turtle shell moxibustion technique, his moxibustion massage technique, as well as his walnut moxibustion technique. Dr. Tao actively uses these techniques daily in his busy clinic with great results. Join us on CMT and learn the mysterious ways of the moxa master.