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Tongue Mapping Scalp Acupuncture

Speaker: Dr. Tao Kun Price:Video Coming Soon

Dr. Tao Kun is not only a master of using moxibustion to revive his patients, and he isn't only coming from a family line of TCM doctors with over 50 years of clinical experience, but he is a very effective Chinese medical clinician and he gets results when others fail. Let it be a stubborn tinnitus or sudden deafness, persistent debilitating migraine of over decades, excruciatingly painful advanced cases of herpes zoster, he brings relief to his patients using a clear variety of combination of Chinese Medicine treatment modalities.

One of these medical tools he keeps handy is his "Tongue Mapping Scalp Acupuncture". Everyone knows that Scalp Acupuncture is one of the most recent microsystems of Chinese acupuncture that was developed due to the understanding of the neurological pathways of the brain in relation to its connection with the body. Plainly putting it, "conventional" scalp acupuncture stimulates the central nervous system to activate various parts of the body in the goal of treating and reinstating health in the affected area of the patient.

However, this system of Scalp Acupuncture is fully based on the Chinese medical diagnostics system and uses the same tongue mapping system commonly used for a typical diagnosis and applies it to the top of the head. Altogether, this system has 22 treatment lines and they are identified in the same method as the zang fu differentiation system.

Join Dr. Tao in his 2-hour course to learn this very useful and effective Scalp Acupuncture technique rarely available to the west and improve your clinical results today!