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Clinical Application of Classical Formulas: Ma Huang Group Formula Patterns

Speaker: Dr. Suzanne Robidoux Price:Video Coming Soon

Ma HuangNow that our Jing fang comprehensive course has begun, it is important to understand some of the important group formulas. In this talk, Dr. Robidoux will clearly introduce 14 of the most important formula patterns within the exterior singular and complex syndrome of the Tai yang and Shao yin exterior syndromes.


This course (6 hours) was recorded when launched the comprehensive Jing fang course in the US adn was given to local practitioners. Dr. Robidoux is an recognized international speaker of classical herbal system of the Shang han Za Bing Lun teaching in the US, Canada, Poland, Dublin, Sweden as well as Australia. In this course she clearly reviews the important formulas of the Ma huang group by going over each formula formula syndrome association, clinical presentation, related clauses with explanations and plenty of clinical case studies.