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Ba Gua Zhang Health Cultivation Form - Eight Changing Palm Form

Speaker: Master Sun Zhi Jun Price:Video Coming Soon

Ba Gua Zhang is one of the internal martial art styles of China, also known as You Shen Ba Gua Lian Huan Zhang (游身八卦连环掌) which means the Swimming Body of the Turning Ba Gua Form. This internal martial art was created by Dong Hai-chuan (董海川) in Beijing during the 19th century. Ba Gua Zhang is widely known for its “circle walking” and its circular movements; however, it is its micro circular movement combined with its internal movements that generate remarkable internal power. Practicing Ba Gua Zhang can generate health and clarity of the mind as well as teach you effective fighting techniques.


To view the video go here:8-changing-palm


Enjoy this Eight Changing Palm form video which, even if it is based in martial applications, also has a strong basis in cultivating internal energy by fortifying the central channel, opening the 14 channels to reinstate health by removing all blockages. The more you practice this form the more blockages you will remove and create room to cultivate and store energy.


Besides raising inner strength and martial art skills, these exercises activate the middle channel, raise your immunity, increase the life force as well as develop mental clarity and awareness. If you wish to learn Bagua Zhang you can come to our workshops world wide listed in the tours and seminars Here.


Suzanne Robidoux practiced with Master Sun Zhi-jun for over 8 years and previously practiced Bagua Zhang and other internal and external martial arts for over 2 decades. She is of the 5th generation of the direct lineage and is highly dedicated to the practice of this internal martial art and continues to practice everyday and teaches students worldwide.


You can also watch a more advanced form of the 64 palms which Master Sun performs with power and grace.