Enlightening Clinical Internship with Dr. Feng Shi Lun, 2015

We’ve just completed a wonderful two week intensive clinical internship with Dr. Feng Shi Lun. During the two weeks, we spent half days in the hospitals where patients came from the 4 corners of China for treatment for severe and difficult to treat diseases such as thyroid cancer post surgery hypothyroidism, hysteria with uncontrollable movement and speech before and during menses, idiopathic fever during 7.5 months pregnancy and many more.


Our interns were dedicated practitioners who came from all directions of the world including, England, France, Spain, Sweden, Canada, Israel, America, Korea and Australia. After spending half days in hospitals observing severe cases; the other half day was spent analyzing and discussing every case seen during the days. Dr. Feng was present the whole time helping each practitioner to understand the symptoms and formula pattern by giving clear examples and relaying them to the clauses of the Shang Han Lun and Jin Gui Yao Lue.


Our group of practitioners came to deepen their knowledge and clinical skills in pure Jing Fang clinical diagnosis and prescription. This group got to experience the art of formula modification in the eyes of a Jing Fang expert like Dr. Feng Shi Lun.