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2020 Teaching Schedule Worldwide! And a quick look at 2021!

2020 Teaching Schedule CMT Robidoux Join us for more Jing Fang courses, webinars and clinical practice as well as moxa courses, advanced scalp courses and clinical practice!


We have completed over 10 groups of the Jing Fang programs around the world in 2019! In 2020 we are starting another 5 new coop of Jing Fang classical herbal training. We have new Jing Fang programs in English is Belgium, Switzerland and Oakland, California as well as in French at Le Beausset, and translated in German in Offenbach, Germany


We are also launching a set of 6 Jing Fang webinars focused on Clinical practice with your cases!


For the first time in 2020, we are offering some ancient Yi jing courses with the application of the Xiao Cheng Tu (Holographic Map) in Amersfoort, Holland.


In 2021, we have launching a new group for the Jing Fang 2 year programs in Montreal (Group 3 in French) and in Toronto as well. New locations of courses include Zurich, Stockholm, New York and Slovakia! Links to come!


We will also have a new 10 day Clinical practice internship in Toronto in 2021. This time we will be focusing on chronic pain, neurological disorders like Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis and Lyme Disease as well as anxiety, OCD, and depression. Sign up now as places are limited!


Here is the full list of courses in 2021 with the links to have more information!


Here is a look at the courses and internship we had in 2019!

2019 Teaching Schedule.DrRobidouxCMT