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2020 Online Teaching Schedule! And a quick look at 2021 Worldwide Courses!

Due to COVID-19 all of our 2020 courses are online. Join us for more online Jing Fang courses and webinars.2020 Online Teaching Schedule.


We have completed over 10 groups of the Jing Fang programs around the world in 2019! In 2020, we have organized multiple different Jing fang courses online including the Jing Fang program in French, The English and French Jing Fang case study analysis as well as the Masterclass on learning the meaning of the Shang Han Lun Clauses with Dr. Hu Xi shu. In 2021, We have over 10 different programs organized online.

We have organized the 2 year Jing Fang program in a converted online format which will be completed in 8 weekends (about 1 weekend a month) within 1 year in English and in German. We have the scalp acupuncture, the yuan qi classical acupuncture as well as the classical and modern moxibustion techniques scheduled in for you. These will all be online courses with 4 hours at a time viewed from the comfort of your home. No travel costs or hassle. Check out our 2021 schedule here now!


We will also have a new 10-day Clinical practice internship in Toronto in 2021. This time we will be focusing on chronic pain, neurological disorders like Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis and Lyme's Disease as well as anxiety, OCD, and depression. Sign up now as places are limited!


Here is a look at the courses and internship we had in 2017-2019!

2017 Teaching Schedule


2018 Teaching Schedule


2019 Teaching Schedule