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2021 Online Teaching Schedule with 2-year Clinical Mentorship Program and Bazi courses!

Check our out new online 2021 schedule here!

2021 Online Teaching Schedule.


We have new courses on classical medicine this year such as Jing Fang for Gynecological Disorders, Hu Xi Shu explaining the Jin gui Yao Lue, as well as more daoist courses such as a Chinese Ba Zi course in two weekends and the Xiao Cheng Tu - Holographic Map in 3 weekends.


We also have very practical and clinical courses of the Classical Yuan qi Acupuncture course, Classical approach to Depression and Anxiety as well as the practical Moxibustioin for health and immunity.

  We will also have our Jing fang foundation program as well as our Jing fang clinical mentorship including bimonthly clinical practice which are already fully booked. Maybe you can join us next year.


We will have another great Jing Fang Year!


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