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Video Course: Jing Fang Clinical Case Review Webinar

Speaker: Dr. Suzanne Robidoux Translator: Course in English Location: Broadacasted online Date: June 1, 2019 For more information and to register, please email to

This registration includes 3 individual online webinars (4 hour sessions) where we will discuss case studies and analyze them according to the Jing fang Six syndrome lineage understanding and pathomechanism. At first we will review 4 case studies from Dr. Hu Xi shu and other Jing fang experts with modern results, then we will review about 10 case studies (considering time restrains) shared by our viewers and other Jing fang practitioners.


The requirement to actively participate in these webinars is to have attended one of the 2 year Jing fang programs around the world. The first ten people to register will have the option to share one of their complex cases with us to review and analyze together. These cases will be sent to the participants one week before the webinars to have time to prepare personal diagnosis and treatment approach.


During the webinars, Dr. Robidoux will discuss each case, analyzing the full symptom presentation, explain the choice of formulas and modifications, followed by clarifying questions from the participants.


Dates were between January and March 2019. The first series has now been broadcasted and the videos will be avaiable by June 2019.


We had people joining us from four different continents so we have organized two different groups. This will also make it more comfortable to fit the different time zones.

Stay tuned to be able to purchase the video courses of these webinars.