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Holographic Reading of the Yi jing Knowledge

Speaker: Master Yao Tu nan Translator: Dr. Suzanne Robidoux Location: Beijing Date: May 11, 2014 For more information and to register, please email to

Come and learn the Holographic reading of the Yi Jing meaning to the different aspect of your life. Yi jing expert Master Huo Feiran 霍斐然 has combined the endless information of the three main deeper understanding of the laws of nature in Chinese culture, the Yi jing, Feng Shui and Qi men dun Jia and has built a technique called “Xiao Cheng Tu”. This technique gives us access to a simplified and clear multi-dimensional picture of every aspect of our life, how to read it and how it affects us. 


This webinar is given for the people who have always had a curiosity and interest in learning the ancient philosophy and traditional culture of China but has never gotten the chance to be exposed to the right teacher. Join Master Yao to learn this pragmatic and useful Yi jing technique and learn to read the language offered by the hexagrams. Come and learn to have a holographic view of the different aspects of your life. 


This webinar will be taught in Chinese and Translated by Dr. Robidoux who has learned with <Master Yao for over 3 years. This webinar is organized for all who are curious in the Chinese ancient art of Yi Jing and want to learn how to understand it and apply it in their daily life.