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Master Sun Zhi jun's view on Ba gua zhang

“The circular movement of the body in You Shen Ba Gua Lian Huan Zhang are spiraling like a rivet. While turning the body, the step opens outwards with the eyes looking towards the center of the circle and the body rotates on the central axis. Like the earth, our body spins without losing its central axis. Considering the hardness and softness of the body, we must remain flexible and fluid in our movements without rigidity we remain strong as steel, without interruption we moving in the essence of the swimming dragon.”


Master Sun Zhi Jun, became a National treasure and Representative Successor of the art Ba gua Zhang because he spent a lifetime of dedication to the practice and continue to development of the most powerful internal martial art while maintaining the traditional concepts. He was recognized by his peers and his multiples disciples for being a straightforward, honest and kind man with a strong character. He aimed for excellence in every move and in every step at every practice. There was no room for being lazy or slow. His famous words were: “If it were easy, everyone would practice it, the it would become meaningless.”


My heart brakes to announce that master Sun left us last weekend. You will be missed… every day… but your teaching and spirit will live on in your teachings and in our practice. Thank you for having the courage to teach us. Thank you for everything shifu!


Here is a Compilation of Video of Master Sun performing strength in fluidity and timeless power and grace.